Office Market Report Vienna | Spring 2021

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Corona pandemic sets new impulses on the Vienna office market

The worldwide corona pandemic has triggered a deep-seated transformation in the working world. Large, profitable companies, in particular, are increasingly turning their attention to the re-orientation of their space requirements to be better equipped for future challenges.

In their function as a hub for teamwork and tangible corporate culture, they will set the stage for hybrid and flexible working in an attractive environment. The design of the common areas (e.g. lobby, reception area) is focused on hotel and lounge concepts with a range of special services (e.g. co-working space, concierge lobby, meeting points). Some companies have started to look for new space as a result of these added value factors and are sounding out the Vienna office market. Whether these searches actually lead to signed rental contracts will only become known later this year.

Growing popularity of hybrid and flexible forms of work

The past year brought a rapid increase in digitalisation and anchored hybrid working in many sectors. Flexible working models allow for a combination of mobile and office-based working. Companies and project developers are now challenged to implement these new demands in an appropriately designed and organised office world. The physical office of the future will become more of a point for communication and cooperation and, with modern office concepts, strengthen employees’ identification with their company.

Office worlds with living room character and a hotel atmosphere

Project developers and renters are reacting to these developments with even greater attention to suitably designed concepts. One example is the myhive concept by IMMOFINANZ, which is characterised by particular flexibility and a stylish hotel character.

The office of the future as a place for collaboration and corporate philosophy

The offices of the future will differ significantly from traditional concepts.


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